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Monday, January 7, 2008

Strong at the Broken Places

Because we live with disability in the Sunshine household, Richard M. Cohen's appearance this morning on the Imus show caught our attention. He's touting his new book, Strong at the Broken Places, which recounts the life experiences of five people who live with chronic illnesses.

Cohen himself [Mr. Meredith Vieira of Today Show fame--and The View infamy?] lives with multiple sclerosis and now blindness.

He hit some hot buttons we understand...the disabled are not looking for a hand...or a handout. We, disabled and caregiver alike, just want to be treated like everybody else. With this book, Cohen offers, in fact, a hand out to the "normal" community but more importantly, a reaching-out to others who daily endure the challenges of life lived as fully as possible despite the crap that is disability and chronic illness.

In their conversation, Imus and Cohen amplify a telling point: these are the stories the general public--and doctors!--don't hear enough.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm planning to get this book as soon as the local bookstore opens this morning--and if they don't have it yet, I'll be ordering it online. One for us, one for the local library, one for Mr. Sunshine's doctors, one for.... well, you get the idea. This is a long overdue subject for discussion.

Kind of like the whole business of turning the page on the status quo in politics. Enough of healthcare--and living--being dictated from the top down. Patients and caregivers' voices must be heard, and Cohen offers a much needed catapult to the conversation.

And yes, there's a website. I've already stopped by, and I hope you will, too. Tell 'em Prairie sent you... Strong at the Broken Places


Anonymous said...


I certainly understand your viewpoint re: chronic disease. Would direct you to another book site, and ask you to use the webmaster contact button for e-mail exchange.


Thanks for blogging from the heartland.

--Melody (a Heartland transplant)

barbara said...

Thanks for this info, Sunshine. I'm sister and guardian of a brother who has mental retardation.

And though it relates to a much broader range of medical issues, I recommend back to you "How Doctors Think" by Jerome Groopman, M.D. We're dealing with cancer in our household, and feeling mighty vulnerable at the moment. The Groopman book helps frame and clarify a lot of things, even as it shines light in some dark places in the medical world.

Perhaps you know me from my moniker elsewhere.


Prairie Sunshine said...

Nice to see you again, Melody...and thanks for the invite.

Barbara, I do believe we've both been dippin' into the same lake. I appreciate your book recommendation, also.

Finding kindred spirits is one of the best parts of traveling the Internet road.!