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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dog Tired

There’s a hurry-up sense of urgency to living these days. And yet, we are dog tired. Imagine how tired the political candidates and their teams must be. Not the ones that moved to New Hampshire, but the ones who left Iowa…and headed home.

We tip our hat this morning for the candidates who withdrew from the campaign after the Iowa caucuses. Senator Dodd, Senator Biden, especially, we salute and honor your effort.

We’ve started this campaign season way early, like trying to plant seed corn and tomato plants while there’s still snow on the ground. What will come of this year’s crop? That’s still to play out. A good crop’s going to take tending, by all of us.

But for now, we have this pair of WOGs—wise ol’ guys—who’ve ended their campaigns.

When Mr. Sunshine and his partner started up an independent business some years ago, they brought four decades between ’em of experience…and yet, because they were in new territory, they recognized they had much to learn and they found their own WOGs to help grow their business, to provide an institutional memory to draw on—like a sweet spring of endless water.

The current White House promised it would have its team of WOGs, too.

But just because you’re old, or just because you’re experienced, doesn’t mean you have the right kind of experience or agenda to offer.

COGs, not WOGs, have been rulin’ the land for the past seven years, and we must demand better. And we can’t just be better ourselves so we are not hypocrites demanding of others what we protest, oh, we’re too tired, or too busy, or it’s just one o’me, or…. We must do better.

Yesterday I dropped by a League of Women Voters event here in Prairie Country, invited, testing the waters. The professor emeritus spoke about a dry subject. Initiatives, referendums, recall. Out here we take ’em for granted, most every state has ’em. Pluses and minuses have they. And unintended consequences, sometimes. But they are the last line of defense for the common good. Born of an earlier time when wretched excess and corruption reigned and needed reining-in.

This WOG professor also spoke of democracy. More than voting, says he. And that’s the sum of it. Democracy is not for the faint of heart or shirker. It’s for the worker, if we’ll do it.

He shared a reminiscence of teaching in Texas and getting in a wee bit o’trouble for using a textbook that included an explanation of the American Economic System as capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich.

The more things change…the more they stay the same? Only if we let them. Only if we say we’re too dog-tired, let someone else do it. But we tried that. And we got COGs, not WOGs. Cheerleaders and wordspinners, not players, not quarterbacks. Not workers.

We’re starting to put things to rights again. Paulose out in Minnesota, Magill in…hurray for a son of Fargo. Rummy’s gone, Greenbucks, too…but the wreckage of their hand still weighs on the military, on the economy that leaves far too many have-not’s and once-had’s behind so the have-more’s can grab more and dance while wounded soldiers languish in their pain.

There’s much to be done for a new president, yes. But there’s much to be done right now. In the meantime. And so we call out to Senators Dodd and Biden…serve us well as only you are in a place to do. We need your wisdom, your institutional memory, your vigor that led you to seek the highest office. We are all dog-tired of the last seven years, but there’s still a year to go, and we can’t afford to stand by and let things get worse.

WOGs, lead on…and we will have your backs, because democracy is more than just voting. It is discussion, deliberation, interacting, reflecting, said Plato…every thing this administration has disdained is the best of what democracy must be.

This president said early on he didn’t have a problem with dictatorship as long as he got to be dictator. And he did.

Now, dog-tired as we are, we must re-establish the democracy we so sorely need, and we need every WOG we’ve got to do it.


ReneND said...

Nice rundown, Prairie. I was going to mention that Paulouse was GONE. But you are right on top of the news. It is hard to think of getting involved here politically.It's a chore this time of year to brave the weather for groceries. I heard somewhere that ND was 41% blue. Do you know if that is correct? Wouldn't take much to put us over.
You could send that pup pic to cuteoverload.com.

Prairie Sunshine said...

Don't know the exact %age, but like everything else, the status quo assumptions cannot apply. The heartland is beating more and more purple than red these days. Thanks for stoppin' by!