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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Postcard from Prairie: An Open Letter to John and Elizabeth

We've just learned of the announcement to come later today about suspending your Presidential campaign. Life brings these abrupt changes in course from time to time, and we don't yet know fully what prompted your decision.

We do know that we have been proud to support your campaign and we will vigorously continue to champion the progressive values you yourselves have led on. We honor every moment of time you have given to this campaign. And wish you well in whatever lies ahead for you.

You have given us a sense of purpose to speak out and advocate for the issues and causes that have too often had no voice. And we like to think your voices will resonate all the stronger off the campaign trail than on.

Thank you for setting a standard of integrity and passion that will be a measuring stick to which we will hold all the candidates for President this year.

~ Prairie


barbara said...

Nice, Prairie. Very nice.

ReneND said...

Thanks for the heads up this morning. Although not the best news for someone already sick. You know that I've always felt someone else is moving the chess pieces, not us.
Did you get my Sinner response?

Prairie Sunshine said...

Thanks for stopping by, both of you. Barbara, I'd love your blog link to add to my blogroll.
Rene, got your reply. Will be interesting to see what happens in ND and elsewhere on 2/5.