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Friday, January 18, 2008

Prairie Postcard: Quarterbacks or cheerleaders?

Well, the economy's finally caught the attention even of the petulant fur-robe wearer-in-chief. Listening to him tell us about his due consideration of the sit-che-ation this morning surrounded by his handlers, all I can think is: can it be 2009 soon enough! [You want boxing metaphors, Tweety? I give you the punchdrunk prez.]

For the last seven years we've had a bunch of sidelines standing cheerleaders pushing the laissez-unfair style of capitalism that has put this country into recession. That would be parasite and pirates.

It matters who we elect next fall. It matters who survives the primary season and emerges the Democratic nominee. I for one have had enough of the cheerleader in chief...frankly, you'd have to consume a keg o'beer singlehandedly to believe a word that spills from this guy's sullen lips.

I'm ready for the progressive change. I'm ready for a quarterback...capable of winning...and leading. I'm ready for Edwards. How 'bout you?

Today's the day...put your progressive change in the right place. Small change, large change...we must be part of the change.


Anonymous said...

Have you gone to http://www.newscorpse.com/ncWP/?p=754 or http://www.johnedwards.com and made a contribution today? Hope so!

Before the media can "seal the deal" in determining who our candidates will be, I think we ought to support Edwards or Kucinich while we still can. MAYBE it will be enough to keep them in the race long enough to allow a public outcry about media-limited choices.


Prairie Sunshine said...

Watching the coverage of the entire field of Republican candidates while the media blatantly make the Dems a 2-person race takes a strong stomach, for sure. Strong voices in public outcry are needed, too.

Thanks for stoppin' by.