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Friday, May 23, 2008

What was She Thinking?!?

That's the question making the rounds right now about Hillary Clinton and her intemperate reference to the assassination of RFK..."took place in June"... TPM has YouTubes here of her comments to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and her followup "revise and extend" remarks in a grocery store later.

Intemperate, of course, doesn't begin to describe the appalling depth of making this kind of reference. And it's beyond troubling to me that she exhibits in the followup clip all the emotional authenticity of Mike Dukakis' clinical response to a what-if debate question about his reaction if his wife were raped.

Maybe it's because I was in Los Angeles...in June...that night. Not working for RFK, but for Senator Eugene McCarthy, and I remember the visceral pain of that night for all of us.

But for Hillary Clinton to use that event in some glib justification for why she should keep on with her campaign just leaves me absolutely, well, not speechless. But certainly more determined than ever to do my part to elect Obama, and his sound judgment and judicious temperament, as the next President. And more and better Democrats across the land, in this election, and those to come.

What Was She Thinking? What is she saying?

I want no part of her. Not on the ticket. Not in any leadership position at all.

Is this Hillary's "macaca moment"?


egregious said...

Amen sister.

Anonymous said...

I finally made it to your site. I appreciate your work and wit. JC