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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Navel Gazing...

and whoa, no, not me, not my fault, I'm not responsible spiraled skyward like a stray fireworks display as the establishment media types fell all over themselves Wednesday to proclaim that they were doing their job, why didn't you do yours, little Scotty McClellan?

Yes, do tell.

The viral reaction of the media to the incendiary charges in Scott McClellan's new book, confirming that Team BushCo lied us into Iraq, smeared those like the Wilsons who stood in their way, and alternately bullied and sweet-talked most of the media into going along with their propaganda shows just how touchy the "liberal" media are about their own complicity.

Shades of Ted Bundy. Ann Rule would have a field day with Bush, the Stranger Beside Scotty.

Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald over at Salon has some pointed thoughts about the Big Boys-and-Girl Club that is the establishment media. Please do give Glenn's commentary a read, and you'll meet a real hero of journalism, David Halberstam.

Speakin' of doing their job, there's the small matter of one Senator John McCain and his cronies on the lobby-love train that seems to've been lost in the scrambling, backpedaling, fingerpointing yesterday. Just sayin'....

And Mr. Brokaw...weaseling does not become you.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bit O/T . . . but considering McCain will (at best) give us four more years . . . why hasn't anyone at the 'lake' (or elsewhere) mentioned the possibility of a neo-scorched earth policy.

If McCain appears headed toward defeat, why wouldn't the current miscreant occupier in the WH seek to destroy as much as he can--our infrastructure, our 'safety-nets,' etc. I know Hitler's policy was geared at removing any materiel that could be used by advancing enemies. But our current ruler has such a bullying personality, I certainly don't think it would be beyond him to maintain a stance: "If I can't be ruler, I'll destroy as much as I can so the new 'ruler' can't use them. . . citizens be damned?"


Prairie Sunshine said...

Hasn't the Current Occupant been doing that anyway?

case in point, the USPS--it now costs more to mail 2 oz letters to American addresses than Canadian.

It also costs more via their bulk mail ratings to mail locally than cross-country.

Go figure.