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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prairie Postcard: Weather Eye

he local weatherman this morning is alerting us to brace ourselves here in Prairie Country. The wind chill advisory starts at noon, the temperature tonight's expected to drop to thirty below. Hmmm, that doesn't read any easier than -30. That's air temperature, not wind chill factor, by the way.

Weather's a big deal around here. Wind matters, temperature matters, whether we're contemplating planting or harvesting, or just driving to the next town over on a flat windswept highway on a snowy winter day.

A lot of Red Staters take a dim view of that global warming talk when they're lookin' at the likelihood of the coldest temperature since records of such began.

"Global warming" ...just words. But you need to consider the downside of up with words. 'cause they can have a way of coming back to bite you if you don't. "Extreme Weather"...now that covers just about all the bases. "Climate Shift" is kind of namby-pamby, so I'm looking for options on a day when sitting in with a hot cuppa is a lot more appealing than venturing out into "Harsh Weather." "Global Climate Change" isn't the kind of change people want to talk about these days... Maybe "Survivor: Planet Earth."


Anonymous said...

You have an excellent blog.

Prairie Sunshine said...

Thank you! Do come back again often.