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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bringin’ the Heat

n a fridgery-cold winter's morning, nothing heats up Prairie Country like dashing out the door, unplugging the tank heater, and turning the key...and the car starts right up and settles about warming up with a nice purrrrr.

Kinda like that in politics these days. Team Obama brought the heat to Wisconsin—and Hawaii—and roundly trounced Team Clinton. Dominating numbers in a state where Clinton came in near the end trying to stave off just such a scheiss-kickin'. Didn't happen for her.

The game's turning into a rout now. Obama and his team are dancing circles around Clinton. It must be truly frustrating. Whether the metaphor's a horserace or a game of hoops or a cold start on a winter's morning, the truth cannot be denied.

The Obama juggernaut—week by week, primary [and yes, Wisconsin was a primary and Obama won in a landslide] by primary by caucus, delegate by delegate, and dollar by dollar—is pulling further and further ahead. He's got the mo... and the Clinton campaign is slipping back into "no."

It's time for Clinton to graciously acknowledge the tide of history that transcends intraparty politics and even a general election she would not win. It's time for Clinton to not listen to the Mark Penns whispering in her ear as they scuttle to the bank with the beaucoup checks. It's time for Clinton to stand aside for the rising tide.

The global warming that's going on right now is Obama.


Elliott said...
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Elliott said...

and I thought 22 F was cold, but I see now that it's relatively hot here.

Anonymous said...

I think Hillary fights on through March 4.

In doing so, given that her chances are very slim, she should campaign only on positive themes.

If the results on March 4 don't reflect a dramatic change in the narrative arc of this election, Hillary should then gracefully step aside.

Prairie Sunshine said...

I have a hunch it won't take 'til March 4. My surmise, there's stuff going on behind the scenes we don't see...like how tough those contributor wallets become to open up.

...As well as the stuff going on up front like the union cheerleader at the Hillary rally who was booed for his attacks on Obama.