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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dumb, Doddering and Despicable

Hope they've been enjoying the modern equivalent of 40 pieces of silver. Or raining gold coins through your fingers. Or blood diamonds. Or basking in the view of Diamond Head.

'cause you can't take it with you.

If ever there were a more loathesome trio, it has to be Sarah Palin, who fumbled to even come up with the name George Washington, while talking to Glenn Beck. Book learning be too much for her. But not to worry, no more ad libs, no more relying on memory or rehearsal. From now on, it's all teleprompter alla time....

And then there is Pat Robertson, the shill, the false prophet, the wolf in sheep's clothing, the Judas, the pathetic excuse for all that remains of his humanness--the excrement. In a not-so-rare moment he snake-oiled about a pact with the devil. Look to your own, sir.

And then there's everybody in the Village's good buddy Rush. Racist, rancid, revolting. At long last, media, have you no shame? I waste no such expectation on him. But why are you coddling and embracing this vile sludge?
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