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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crook. And Liar.

What John Amato says. And I agree:

Roger Maris. 61 in 61.


Mark McGwire.


The Steroid Era of baseball cannot be spun away. Peel back the layers and they were all in on it. Owners, managers, players, media.

All the same ones who are trying the disgraceful campaign to rehabilitate Mark McGwire today.

And if the public gets bamboozled on this, well, there's a certain former Texas Rangers owner who'll just be lookin' forward to walkin' you through his liberry of rehabilitation soon. And the same way ....


One Fly said...

Just had a conversation with a guy who says that at the time there were no regulations against using this stuff.

Whatever they all cheated and it's my opinion professional sports has been a negative for this country. A diversion ploy by the powers at hand to keep the focus off real issues.

McGwire continues to lie and we're supposed to believe him because of the tears that some years he used them and some not. My ass!!

Prairie Sunshine said...

As a hometown gal in Fargo, I walk Roger Maris Drive with reverence. He was an iconic hero around here even before his record-breaking season in 1961.

That his record was grudgingly acknowledged--with asterisk--only adds greater disgrace on the current state of baseball "records" and "heroes" like Mark McGwire.

Breaking out my ol' violin from fifth grade now to fiddle along with the mea culpas and the bamboozlement being spun by the sports aristocracy.