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Monday, September 7, 2009

Prairie Recommends: Taibbi on Healthcare Debacle

If you've had the growing suspicion that the so-called health care reform effort making its way through the well-$oiled machinations of Washington would end up working out very well for everyone BUT those who need it most, namely patients and their families, then maybe you don't need to read Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone article, Sick and Wrong, How Washington is screwing up health care reform....

Or his follow-up blogpost on Maria Bartiromo as a case study of how the media elite just add further to the screwing of everyday American health care patients and families.

During the two weeks Mr. Sunshine and I spent at Mayo this summer, talking with people about those machinations, the greatest fear of families and medical personnel alike was that Washington would end up making things worse, much worse, instead of better.

And given that health care reform has reduced all of us to mere pawns getting rooked on the giant partisan/profiteering game board, I'm seeing that greatest fear growing ever more likely.

I recommend Taibbi's article to you not because I'm usually of a mind to just engage in preaching to the choir, but because as one voter, one constitutent, one liberal voice in a Blue Dog red state, one wife, one survivor, one widow of one patient, at the very least, Taibbi articulates for me in no uncertain terms the labels that should be pinned on each of their craven political or media souls. And scoundrel is the least of them.
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