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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Dodd's Speech"

Remember when Senators stood up on principle and said "enough"?

Nope, me neither, unless I happen to stumble across an ol' uncolorized Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Well, brace yerself and take a look at this. Because Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd has taken the floor to remind his colleagues and all of us what Democracy is supposed to look like.

Christy has commentary at Firedoglake, you'll find links there to other bloggers as well. Because reporting on the vote on FISA and telco immunity—for actions to peek into every American's privacy that began before 9/11 and have continued for years...without warrants and in defiance of the Constitution— is too important to trust to the Very Self-Important Media and its all infauxtainment alla time.


barbara said...

(If this is a repeater, I apolgize. I am endlessly running afoul of Google/Blogger [sigh].)

Ya done good, Prairie! Earlier today, I was whining about the desperate need for a fearless spokesperson for Dem values. Turns out he's been there all along. Duh!

barbara said...

Okay, let's try a p o l o g i z e. Urk!

Prairie Sunshine said...

Now if we can get the corporate infauxtainment media to actually report on fearless spokespersons for Dem values speaking on Dem values instead of whether they're wearing a flag pin or what's on their iPod.

The media have served nobody well will their dumbing-down of the news into a swill of infauxtainment.