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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caregiving vs. gimme, gimme.

The forces of selfishness and greed and mindless authoritarianism have got their heels dug in and their arms crossed and their brains switched to "off."

To heck with fairness and balance and entitlements and earmarks and government and ....


Just raise the debt ceiling. No frills, no fuss, no foney-baloney. Stop acting like spoiled toddlers.



Anonymous said...

Yes the debt ceiling needed to be raised. If the dopes in congress vote to spend money then they should be equally willing to pay for those expenses. There is very little question that spending must be reduced significantly and income must be raised. I do not see how we can expect the Federal Gov't. to pick up local costs--like Minot or Bismarck, or a diversion for Fargo unless sour local guys--Berg and Hoeven are willing to support tax increases.

What really galls me though is that Hoeven et. al. left DC with out funding the FAA. That is totally un acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Raise the debt ceiling? If anyone of us was broke, would we really just go farther in debt?

Prairie Sunshine said...

If you deliberately passed laws [charged up debt] knowing that you had no intention of paying your bills, wouldn't that be fraud? Malfeasance? How about corrupt?