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Friday, April 16, 2010

Wear Blue

Today is Wear Blue for Child Abuse Prevention Day. April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. Wear Blue. And take care of the children.

Three decades ago I tried to write a true crime story and was overwhelmed by the life story of one child named Sarah. There was no Wear Blue day back then, there were little resources. And she died at the hands of her own father. The story haunts me still. It's the unfinished business of my writerly self.

Now, there is hope and resources...and there is, sadly, too much to do, but today we can start. Wear blue. And learn more. And vow that you will help assure the little children should suffer no more.
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1 comment:

Kathleen Eagle said...

Sandy, I remember your struggle over Sarah's story. Writers have "photographic imagination," and sometimes the images take over the process.

This is such a pervasive problem that no life is left untouched by it. Secrecy and sensationalism plague us in this. I wish we could get real and deal with the root causes in sane and effective ways.

Thank you for the reminder. I'm wearing blue.