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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolved for 2010: Re-elect Dorgan

Here's the way grown-ups respond. The way genuine public servants act. Not partisan party hacks or rise-from-the-ooze has-been vice-presidents who lack only an indictment to make their curriculum vitae complete.

Byron Dorgan's my senator. I live in the county (Cass) that CNN Money has just named as number one place to work in the country. In the only state (North Dakota) I'm aware of that still is operating in the black. Dorgan works for this country and our state. Because he understands what is good for the country will be good for our state. He sees the big picture.

Building technologies, while lambasting frivolous waste like boondoggle border sites. He's the senator who's trying to save people money on the exorbitant prices Big Pharma charges for drugs. Well, I could go on, but for the moment, take note.

Republicans may think they can come after Dorgan in 2010 because their slime worked against Daschle.

Dorgan's calling them out on trying to line their pockets and push their failed partisan policies at the expense of national security. Called them out on using the tactics of fearmongering, warmongering, hate-baiting. The likes of Hoekstra, DeMint, and Cheney who would try to profiteer on the blood of America's finest, the working class that built this nation and is first to step up to serve in harm's way. Dorgan's drawn a swift and strong line in the sand.

Make no mistake. Dorgan won't back down. And neither will the people of North Dakota who value his leadership and his service. Count me among 'em.
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