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Friday, October 2, 2009

Drunk in the Bleachers

Today, the GOP's usual loudmouths mocked Chicago's loss of bid for the 2012 Olympics and attacked Obama for making the effort to help bring those Olympics to the USA.

Among the most egregious was Rush Limbaugh. Doubtless the video will be readily available on youtube and elsewhere, including the Ed Show on MSNBC.

And I realized what we're seeing from Rush Limbaugh. What we have been seeing ever since Barack Obama came on the political landscape. Limbaugh's McNabb tirade was merely prelude.

He's the racist drunk in the bleachers yellin' at the star athlete who shows up for every game, plays to the best of his professional ability, works with his team and is the hero of his hometown.

Rush can't stand it. Because for Limbaugh, every game, he's the loser. He may have a fat contract, but he's still and ever shall be a loser. And when the game ends, he goes home alone. Except for what he can buy.

Which just reinforces: Rush Limbaugh = Loser.

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