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Monday, August 17, 2009

An Open Letter to My Senator

Dear Kent,

I support the public option. I believe we need a government that protects us from the powerful, not one that gives the powerful carte blanche to practice politics and profiteering as usual.

You say there aren't the votes for public option.

Then you must lead. Find those votes. Show those Senators why public option is the common sense responsible...and moral...thing to do.

Along with running around wee towns in North Dakota, take a couple days and go visit Mayo. It's about a six hour drive from Fargo. Plenty of time for thinking.

We just made that trip... and despite the outcome, I know they get it on healthcare.

The big insurance companies, the big pharma companies only get vampire capitalism...draining enormous overhead from the system. Draining the lifeblood from families and businesses and the U.S. economy.

Soylent greening all of us for their corporate bonuses and profits and toys. That's not capitalism.

We know about what some call "socialism" in North Dakota...it's in our state bank and state mill and elevator...heck, it's in the highways and township roads we drive every day. Isn't that what we call "government"?

Isn't that what "We the people..." is at its fundamental best? Or should we follow the same ol' trail of dysfunctional every-family-for-themselves anarchy which is all the Republicans are offering these days?

Please don't tell us it can't be done, there aren't enough votes...find the will, find the way.

With respect,
your friend,
Sandy Huseby
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