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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prairie Recommends: The Cause of My Life

From Newsweek, Ted Kennedy on "The Cause of My Life."

Me, too, Senator. Me, too.

The time is now.


Kathleen Eagle said...

Prairie, my lifelong friend, you do our world such an honor by declaring health care reform your cause of a lifetime at this time–such a critical time in your personal life, such a critical time in the life of this country.

We have to find ways to fight the lobbies. They throw so much money at our supposedly representative government. Somehow we have to find ways to make our votes trump their money. How can we do that?

You hit the nail on the head when you speak of fear. We have to wake up and start fearing fear itself. It paralyzes us. Catastrophic illness is like the threat of an explosion. We see that a once unassailable tower in our personal lives is terribly vulnerable, and we freeze. We cower. We make deals with the devil we know because the one we don’t know is terrifying.

How can we take this power away from the lobbyists? Big insurance, big pharma, bottomless pockets? How can we make the people we voted into office listen to us?

Can we send our Prairie Sunshine to Washington?

Kathleen Eagle said...

Sandy, my first comment was intended for your wonderful post "Enough Is Enough," but I came back to take time to read the Kennedy article. I hope other visitors will be sure to do the same. It's a terrific summary of the history of this issue.

Growing up in MA, I remember Teddy's plane crash very well. I knew of two of his children's serious health problems, but didn't know about the third. He's put it all here for the public to see along with his own current crisis. The fight of his life for the cause of his life surely hits home for every American, no matter what his politics.

Thanks for posting this link. Thanks for carrying the banner and waving it in every face that passes by. The for-profit health care industry is a black eye for Lady Liberty, a broken nose for Uncle Sam. We need more than band-aids. We need single-payer. We need a universal health care system.