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Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Stealth Attack on Judge Sotomayor?

The elite white male national attack on Judge Sotomayor was a major fail...are they now going local with white females instead?
Under the headline "Don't Rush high court decision," a new organization in North Dakota purports to have the noble purpose of "educating" we, the great unwashed ignorati who still read dead-tree papers from time to time, fronted by a well-coiffed Republican Representative who just feels so warm and fuzzy in her heart at the opportunity to reach out to her fellow North Dakotans and invite them to join her on Facebook and Twitter and learn all about that—oooooooh, that oh-so-questionable Sotomayor.

Break out the violins.

Their purpose is as transparent and honest as Lou Dobbs protesting he's got the best interests of immigrants at heart.

I commented at my local paper's website:

Rep. Hawken and her party of "No!" and stall at any cost as long as possible [see: Norm Coleman] has zero credibility on the subject of stall, stall, stall Sotomayor now that the racist campaign by the elite Washington white males has failed.

Guess the Rep. has done too much talking to the likes of Newt and Rush instead of George H.W. Bush, who originally appointed Sotomayor...and Laura Bush, who has endorsed her. And then there's all those Republican Senators who voted for her confirmation back in the day.

Sorry, Kathy, your too-obvious launch of a new partisan assault on Judge Sotomayor isn't going to play among fair-minded and reasonable people.

Just on the off-chance that this North Dakota campaign is part of a new national "beta-testing" effort by, oh, say, former North Dakotan Dick Armey's bunch a la the recent teabagging campaign, I thought I'd share this article link and ask if you're seeing anything like the North Dakota Judicial Confirmation Network in your home state.

[Just googled and for the record it's ND JCN--yep, with a space. And lookie here whose name turned up in one of their Facebook comments: Wendy Long.]

We wouldn't want these folks to think nobody's paying attention....
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