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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coleman and Burris—The Senators Who Won't Go

The machinations of former Senator Norm Coleman and current-as-of-this-keyboarding Senator Roland Burris to occupy seats in the U.S. Senate have now taken on the toxicity of the Menendez brothers.

You know: don't sentence us for murdering our parents...we're orphans.

Norm Coleman breezes into lunch with the GOP caucus—doubtless to attempt some kind of public appearance framing on a day when he will not be in the well of the House for the President's speech. And doubtless to solicit more funds for Ben Ginsberg aka Red Skull's legal fees in the we'll stall for a bazillion years before we let a Democrat sit in that chair court case.

Roland Burris scuttles behind closed doors to meet with fellow Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. And doubtless hints, whines, blathers about the legal fees [thousands of dollars, says Durbin] he's accumulating as the Blagojevich circus plays on.

Meanwhile, two states—Minnesota and Illinois—are deprived of the full representation and effectiveness their citizens need in these challenging economic times.

We're heading into blarney month. Maybe soon the luck o'the Irish will liberate both states from these two tainted story spinners so the rest of us can meet the challenges ahead.
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