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Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Did We Get Here?

In black and white on the printed or online page, that question "How Did We Get Here?", posed by still-President Bush back in September, says volumes about the total disconnect between this President's "deciderating" and his deliberate willful disregard of reality he doesn't want to hear and the consequences of his policies.

Well, reality's here now, and it's a picture right out of the darkest hours of Dickens.

In Fargo-Moorhead, at the height of the blizzard last night, parents lined up outside in the cold and snow for as much as eight hours so that they could get toys for their kids in the Toys for Tots program. [link pending availability]

There's more, lots more, if you'll step away from the shopping and unlike the woman on tonight's NBC Nightly News, not extol the virtues of how much more you can buy for the same dollars when things are 50, 60, 70% off. But rather, how much more you can do with your dollars and cents this year.

Reality's here now, and we'll all need to pitch in and open our eyes and our ears and our hearts. And yes, our strong stomachs, for the weeks and months ahead will be daunting. But we don't need to wait for January 20. Or New Year's Day.

We don't need to wait at all. Just remember your favorite charities extra generously this holiday season. Even if it means deciding to forego gifting yourselves. Hey, it's easy. Go ahead. Give it a try.

And in these cold, dark, stormy days of December, you'll find a holiday glow inside that will carry you through the challenging times to come.

So that next Christmas holiday season, we can look back on that question, "How Did We Get Here?" and be able to say we worked at it, we focused on how we could each own part of the restoration of the best of America, and we made progress.
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