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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

There is a Season

We're kickin' back for a few days in Prairie Country...fresh posts if any will be intermittent. We're remembering our dear friend Marley, reflecting on the state of our lives and our world. Change is in full flower here in Prairie Country.

Trees that were green just two days ago are flush now with scarlet and gold.

Kind of the state of the world these days. We are green-to-the-gills with sickness over the choppy seas of the last almost eight years. Facing choices between the scarlet of a hotheaded war drum pounder. Or the gold of a champion who's trained and worked and grown into the role of leadership and community organizing that this nation so desperately will need.

I'm goin' with the gold. And leavin' the drumming to the ruffed grouse outside my window this morning.

Sarah Susanka articulates the importance of an away place as splendidly as any I've ever read. Whether it's a room, or a grove, or a city park path, find yourself an away space and pause a bit to contemplate just where we have been. And where we are headed.

Then take a deep breath. And take some time to work for the world as you want it to be.

And I'll see you back here again soon.

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